A floating nursery

The Royal children enjoying themselves aboard Britannia.

David Linley, Prince Edward & Sarah Linley in the bow of a Jolly Boat

Royal children loved spending time aboard Britannia. As Princess Anne fondly remembers, 'We found as children that there was so much to do, we expended so much energy that we couldn't describe our time on the Yacht as a rest'.

Fun and games

Each Royal child was allocated a member of crew as their 'Sea Daddy' to look after them and keep them entertained. There were endless games: treasure hunts, picnics and water fights. On warmer days they could splash about in an inflatable paddling pool on the Verandah Deck. Sometimes they were also allowed to visit the onboard NAAFI shop to buy sweets.

During the Western Isles tours the Royal children delighted in picnics ashore on many of the beautiful, remote islands.

All hands on deck

Royal children had their chores to do on Britannia too, including cleaning life rafts and occasionally helping to steer the Royal Yacht. In the Royal Galley, they also helped stir the ship's enormous Christmas pudding.

Royal Protocol

The Royal children ate meals separately from the adults. This would allow them, even at an early age, to learn about formality and etiquette.

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