Royal Apartments

The State Drawing Room.

State Drawing Room

The Queen once said of Britannia, 'This is where I can truly relax'. When you enter the Royal Apartments, you can understand why. Their calm, elegant design feels more like a country house than a floating palace. Britannia was not only the perfect setting for official functions, but also a private sanctuary for the Royal Family when they were off duty.

State Drawing Room

Britannia's main reception room was also used by the Royal Family for relaxing, conversation and games. Princess Diana and Princess Margaret both enjoyed playing the baby grand piano, as did Sir Noël Coward.

State Dining Room

This magnificent room hosted many famous guests including Churchill, Mandela, Reagan, Clinton and Yeltsin. Around the walls are displayed many exotic gifts given to The Queen, as she travelled around the world on official visits.

The Queen's Sitting Room

The Queen would work for several hours every day on State papers in her private Sitting Room. Her Majesty would also meet here with her Private and Press Secretaries. Several items of furniture were used from previous Royal ships.

The Sun Lounge

Her Majesty's favourite room on board. It is an informal room where The Queen and her family would enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea. A record player, games store and chilled drinks cabinet were tucked away in cupboards in the bulkheads.

The Royal Bedrooms

Britannia is the only former Royal residence where you are able to view one of Her Majesty's Bedrooms. The Queen's Bedroom and Prince Philip's are linked by an interconnecting door. The Honeymoon Suite was used for four Royal honeymoons, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana's.

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