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The official HMY Britannia letterhead

HMY Britannia letterhead © Marc Millar

Laid down: June 1952 at John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank
Designer / Builder: Sir Victor Shepheard, Director of Naval Construction; and John Brown & Co. Ltd
Launched: 16 April, 1953 by HM Queen Elizabeth II
Commissioned: At sea, 11 January, 1954
Length overall: 125.65m or 412ft 3in
Length on waterline: 115.82m or 380ft
Length between perpendiculars: 109.73m or 360ft
Maximum breadth moulded: 16.76m or 55ft
Breadth at upper deck moulded: 16.61m or 54ft 6in
Depth moulded to upper deck: 45ft abaft midships: 9.90m or 32ft 6in
Depth moulded to upper deck at fore perpendicular: 12.29m or 40ft 4in
Depth moulded to upper deck at after perpendicular: 10.31m or 33ft 10in
Load displacement: 4,715 tons
Mean draft at load displacement: 5.2m or 15ft 7in
Gross tonnage: 5,862 tons
Shaft horsepower: 12,000
Speed: 22.5 knots maximum 21 knots continuous
Engines: Two geared steam turbines, developing a total of 12,000 shaft horse power. Two main boilers, and an auxiliary boiler for harbour requirements by Foster Wheeler
Range: 2,196 miles at 20 knots (burning diesel fuel)
2,553 miles at 18 knots (burning diesel fuel)
Main Mast Height: 42.44m or 139ft 3in - Royal Standard
Fore Mast Height: 40.54m or 133ft - Lord Admiral's Flag
Mizzen Mast Height: 36.22m or 118ft 10in - Union Flag
Fuel & water: 330 tons of fuel oil providing a range of 2,000 miles at 20 knots. 120 tons of fresh water. Additional tanks can increase fuel capacity to 490 tons and fresh water capacity to 195 tons
Propeller diameter: 3.12m or 10ft 3ins
Pitch: 2.74m or 9ft
Developed blade area: 5.17m² or 55.7ft²
Tip clearance from hull: 0.84m or 2ft 9in
Maximum rudder torque: 125 tons ft at 14 knots astern and 30.5° angle
Rudder torque at 22 knots: 69 tons ft at 35° angle
Rudder torque at 15 knots: 33 tons ft at 35° angle
Maximum normal rudder force: 63.5 tons at 22 knots ahead, and 25.5 tons at 14 knots astern

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