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The Royal Yacht Britannia at sea.

Britannia at sea

Britannia has helped The Queen become the most travelled monarch the world has ever known. Not only did Britannia travel the globe, but the world - its leaders - have been entertained on board. From Sydney to Samoa, The Queen's guests have been entertained just as they would be at a Royal palace on British soil. During 44 years in Royal service Britannia sailed the equivalent of once round the world for each year, calling at over 600 ports in 135 countries, including the United States of America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

For a state visit five tonnes of luggage, including everything from The Queen's jewels to the famous bottles of Malvern water for Her Majesty's tea, would be brought on board. With The Queen came up to 45 members of the Royal Household, who together with Britannia's Officers and Yachtsmen, ensured that each visit ran like clockwork and that no detail was overlooked.

As well as hosting state functions, Britannia was an ambassador for British business, promoting trade and industry around the globe. The Overseas Trade Board estimated that £3 billion was made for the Exchequer as a result of commercial days on Britannia between 1991 and 1995.

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