Royal picnic equipment

Britannia and The Royal Barge

Britannia's Royal Barge

1. When Members of the Royal Family go on a picnic the Boatswain is responsible for co-ordinating the arrangements for landing, and for preparation of the equipment on shore.

2. Departments responsible for custody, maintenance and provision of equipment when required are as follows: 

  1. Royal Barge Crew - Tents (2)
    Tent pole, feet, guys and pegs
    Ground sheets

  2. Royal Apartments - Food and drink hampers
    Games (buckets, spades, balls)
    Skis, fins, etc

  3. Engine Room - Barbeques (2) and associated utensils
    Gas Lamps (2)
    DC Lamps (if required)
    (Note: In addition 1 MEM is to accompany the barbeques as the stoker).

  4. Communications - Portable Radio (ICOM)
    Radio Operator (if required)

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