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Visitor route accessibility

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Web accessibility

Every effort has been made to make this site accessible to people with visual, motor, cognitive and aural issues. It has been tested with a range of different browsers, including mobile ones.

Some multimedia features, such as 360 degree views and video, may not be accessible to some people with visual impairment. Your chosen browser will have additional accessibility features to help you.

If you have any difficulties, please inform us using either the Enquiry Form or phone us on +44 (0)131 555 5566.


We only collect private information necessary to carry out your instructions, e.g. to take payment and delivery of a shop order, or to send you an email newsletter.

We do not share any personal information you give us with any other organisation, other than those necessary to carry out your instructions (e.g. banks for taking payments). This includes any details for fulfilling shop orders, providing newsletters, organising events, and similar activities.

We take all reasonable steps we can to keep our records physically and electronically safe.


We use "cookies" (small text files stored on your computer used to temporarily remember things) for:

  • Remembering your choices through during shopping and how far you are through the ordering process.
  • Understanding how pages are used - e.g. how many times visited, for how long, how many left the site from this page ("analytics") so we can identify pages that appear to have a problem and fix it. This information is anonymous and you cannot be personally identified. This is provided by a third party: Google Analytics.
  • Using specialist fonts to make the site a richer experience.
  • Sharing pages with third party social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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