Royal Yachtsmen to return to Britannia

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Royal Yachtsmen to return to Britannia

If you're visiting Britannia from 20-24 May, we have some very special visitors for you to meet, as we welcome back 80 former Royal Yachtsmen, or 'Yotties' as they are affectionately known, for a reunion week.

When Britannia was in Royal service, over 240 crew worked on board. Once a sailor became a Royal Yachtsman on Britannia, he entered a world quite unlike any other in the Royal Navy. His orders were nothing less than to 'strive daily for perfection.' Hand-picked to meet the very highest standards, each and every sailor chose this special ship for the honour and privilege of serving Queen and country.

Today, the Association of Royal Yachtsmen brings together the estimated 2,400 Yotties who served on board. The Royal Yacht Britannia is the official headquarters of the Association and each year the Yotties travel back to the yacht from all over the UK to work alongside Britannia's new 'crew' - the dedicated maintenance team. Donning their white overalls once more, the Yotties will be here to answer your questions. Have you ever wondered what it must have been like spending months at sea? Or what the Royal children got up to on board? This is your chance to hear first-hand their experience of life on board a ship that was famous around the world.

Not only will they be here to tell their stories, the Yotties will also re-enact the rum ceremony, a historical naval tradition that was practised daily aboard the Royal Yacht until 1970. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for what promises to be a great Yotties Week in this special 60th Anniversary year!

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