'Rule Britannias!'

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'Rule Britannias!'

We’re excited by the news that our namesake is coming to visit – the magnificent cruise ship, MV Britannia. MV Britannia is the flagship of P&O’s fleet and is sure to create quite a spectacle as the ship arrives in the Forth on 8 July, flanked by tugs spraying fire jets.

Earlier this year, Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by HRH Duke of Edinburgh, officially named the new ship during a glittering star-studded ceremony in the vessel’s home port of Southampton. The Royal Marines Band played and a Nebuchadnezzar of sparkling wine was smashed against the hull (for those of you who may wonder, a Nebuchadnezzar is the equivalent of 20 standard bottles! Cheers!)

The ceremony was bound to bring back memories for The Queen of launching her beloved Royal Yacht Britannia in Clydebank in 1953. But, although the two ships share their name, they are worlds apart! At 143,000 tonnes, the new cruise ship Britannia is the biggest ship in P&O’s fleet. The Royal Yacht Britannia weighs in at a mere 5,672 tonnes!

The enormous cruise ship carries 4,324 passengers, and has a crew of 1,398 – compared with a crew of 220 on HMY Britannia while she was in Royal service. The Royal Yacht Britannia’s Bridge is a step back in time – it shimmers with gleaming brass fittings and is an array of museum piece navigational instruments. The cruise ship’s vast Bridge houses a futuristic IT suite with whirring computers and flashing screens.

On 8th July, Chairman of The Royal Yacht Britannia Trust, Rear Admiral Neil Rankin CB CBE, is looking forward to welcoming Captain Paul Brown and his passengers and crew to Edinburgh – we wish them a great trip.

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