Boys with their Toy!

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Boys with their Toy

If you’re looking for an unforgettable day out then come and visit The Royal Yacht Britannia during Yotties’ week. From 18-21 May, we’re welcoming back 80 of Her Majesty The Queen’s former Royal Yachtsmen for a reunion.

The Royal Yachtsmen, or ‘Yotties’ as they’re affectionately known, will return ‘home’ and don their bright white overalls once again to work alongside our own talented Maintenance team for 4 days of painting, scrubbing, sanding and polishing - only to be interrupted by their traditional daily tot of Pusser’s rum at 4pm!

The Yotties love reminiscing about life on the Royal Yacht and happily keep visitors entertained with their first-hand experiences of serving The Queen and the Royal Family on board.

Our Chief Executive Bob Downie thoroughly enjoys Yotties’ week, particularly the colour and atmosphere it brings to Britannia whilst the Yotties are here, and he jokes that the Yotties working party is like ‘a rugby tour without the rugby!’

Even Britannia’s longest serving Yotties Norrie & Dixie will be making the pilgrimage. Ellis ‘Norrie’ Norrell and Albert ‘Dixie’ Dean were Royal Yachtsmen for 34 & 26 years respectively. They were two of 220 crewmen and 19 officers who lived and worked on board when the yacht was in Royal service.

The opportunity to meet our much-loved Yotties comes but once a year, so if you do only one thing this May then make it this!

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