Cameron's Week Aboard Britannia!

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Cameron's Work Experience

We were delighted to welcome aboard high school work experience student, Cameron MacBride to spend a week with our magnificent marketing team!

After a busy week, working behind the scenes and finding out what it takes to market the UK’s No.1 Attraction (TripAdvisor 2014-15), Cameron shares his experience.

My week aboard Britannia:

I arrived sharp at the yacht on Monday morning and met my new colleagues from the Marketing team. I soon learned I had a busy morning ahead of me, as I was whisked away to Human Resources. This was followed by a Health & Safety induction, as Health & Safety Manager, Darren Culshaw, walked me round the yacht and talked over the risks and hazards involved in working on a ship. And, most importantly the escape route in case of an emergency (yikes!)

Later that day, I met Lynda Dalgleish, Head of Marketing, who took me on a tour of Britannia and gave me an insight into the history of this iconic vessel. I was then tasked with inputting email addresses into a database and learning about the importance of data collection, as an important marketing tool, finishing my day with Jen Campbell, Press & PR Assistant, who gave me some great tips on generating PR.

Next morning I was greeted by a new face, Emma Aitken, Marketing Manager, who spoke to me about her role within the team. My next job was to shadow Ruth Armstrong, Britannia’s Photographer in Residence for the rest of the morning, as we made our way round the yacht, capturing glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes, day-to-day, from the chefs in the Galley to the Maintenance team in action, painting Britannia’s bow.

I had an interesting introduction to the travel trade by Pete Chambers, Group Sales Manager. Up to 20% of Britannia’s 300,000 annual visitors come in pre-arranged groups, and it was explained that this is an extremely important market to target and maintain.

Wednesday brought me onto the digital side of things, where I worked with Katherine Sheppard, Digital Marketing Assistant, and checked out Britannia’s social media and online presence! I had a quick look at Google Analytics and the benefits of being able to measure your reach online, as well as looking at how Google Adword’s pay-per-click advertising works, before creating my own AdWords campaign for The Royal Deck Tea Room.

Next day, I checked through the Weekly ‘Snaps’, we’d taken the day before and loaded them onto Britannia’s website, using the content management system, Umbraco, finishing off on my last day with the opportunity to work on a storyboard, creating ideas for a video on how to carve a pumpkin! (which has since been used for Britannia’s Halloween promotions).

If you think you might be interested in applying for work experience aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia in 2016, email

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