That's The Spirit!

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That's The Spirit!

The Royal Yacht Britannia Trust is proud to support British craftsmanship and design talent. 

This year, we have enjoyed working closely with a number of artisans, each fantastically skilled in their own craft, and we’re delighted with the results. 

We recently launched our Britannia Gin – an exciting collaboration with Edinburgh-based distillery, Pickering’s, which involved arduous gin-tasting research… well, somebody had to do it! Britannia’s Events team appointed interior specialists Transcal to reupholster the chairs in our Officers’ Wardroom - with flawless results! Our busy Retail team have been developing exclusive new products using beautiful illustrations by Jo Want of Hello Sunshine and Jennie Maizels. And we introduced Clyde – our lovely limited-edition teddy bear, manufactured by Merrythought, who have been hand-crafting teddy bears in the UK since the 1930s.

All beautifully British!

Pickering’s Gin

We had the delight of working with Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell, founders of Pickering’s Gin, Edinburgh’s first gin distillery in 150 years.

Based at Summerhall in Edinburgh, the distillers at Pickering’s hand crafted a bespoke gin for us, using 16 carefully chosen botanicals, each originating from ports visited by Britannia during her 44 years in Royal Service. The unique blend of botanicals created a gin quite unlike any other – a fitting tribute to a ship that is a true icon.

We were delighted when the resulting gin became one of our bestsellers in the Gift Shop.

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1. Pickerings


For over 35-years, Livingston-based firm Transcal have been specialising in bespoke leather interiors of the highest quality, manufacturing and designing leather seats for world class clients like Range Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes and Lamboughini.

Andrew Thomson, Head of Hospitality & Events at Britannia, worked closely with Transcal’s craftsmen and designers who used innovative technology and the finest human craftsmanship to breathe new life into our Officers Wardroom armchairs and bench seats. The end result was utterly flawless, and Andrew was impressed by their attention to every detail of the project. In turn, Transcal were pleased to play their part in restoring the room back to its original self.

Remarkably, Transcal used our own Britannia blue leather - sourced from Andrew Muirhead Leather, the same Scottish company who did the original fit of Britannia when it was built in Clydebank in 1952/3.

During the collaboration, we also created a stunning range of luxury leather corporate Britannia gifts, including keyrings, notebooks and luggage tags which have proved very popular with our corporate clients

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Jennie Maizels

Based in Hampshire, Jennie Maizels has made a name for herself illustrating beautiful pop-up books, of which she’s sold over a million world-wide.

Her colourful, detailed style of work lent itself beautifully to our commission, where we asked Jennie to draw us a profile view of Britannia, adorned in her dress flags. The artwork required detailed research in to the flags of Britannia. We provided Jennie with historical photos to work from and as much information as possible about our flags and their meanings.

She did us proud! The illustration of Britannia that Jennie created was amazing, and our retail team went on to develop a whole range of exclusive products for our gift shop which have proved to be a real hit.   

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3. Jennie Maizels

Jo Want, Hello Sunshine

Cambridge-based artist Jo Want describes herself as a ‘tea-drinking doodler’! We asked her to create a Clarence the Corgi character for us to use on new product lines for our gift shop. Jo told us she thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Britannia and it was a lovely excuse to research the characteristics of Pembroke Welsh Corgis! The illustrations turned out beautifully – five different designs, each with a nod to life on Britannia. Our lovely colleagues in retail are currently developing new lines using the Clarence illustrations, so watch this space.

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4.Hello Sunshine


Meet Clyde! He’s our beautiful, limited edition teddy bear, handcrafted in Great Britain by renowned British brand Merrythought who have been making traditional teddy bears for nearly 80 years.

To commemorate Britannia’s 60th year, our merchandisers worked with Merrythought’s designers to create Clyde, a golden mohair bear with an exquisite navy sash featuring the anchor and rose from Britannia’s crest. Limited to a run of 150, each teddy is individually numbered and beautifully presented in a navy and gold embossed box.

The bears are made in the company’s original Victorian factory in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire.

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5. Merrythought

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