Britannia's Weekly 'Snaps'

December 2013

21-31 December: A year in pictures! 2013 has been such a special year that we decided to put together a video showing the highlights. With thanks to photographers Ruth Armstrong, Marc Millar, Helen Pugh and Tony Marsh for use of their photos. Click here to watch the video.

14-20 December: Christmas table setting and the office staff take on different roles! This week, we asked Food and Beverage Services Manager, Bruce, to show us how to set a beautiful Christmas table with our Coronation china. The office staff also covered the roles of the front-of-house team as they went for their Christmas lunch. 

The Maintenance team this week have been making our tour route even more accessible by removing the ramps that take visitors from the lift tower on to deck, making it a flat surface instead. The teak deck will be stored in the recently refurbished onboard Baggage Store for future use.  The team also continued work on the Chart Room chairs and onboard reception office.

7-13 December: Stocking fillers and festive photos.
We're feeling very festive aboard Britannia this week - a snowman has appeared on the quayside alongside our 25 foot Christmas tree and the Gift Shop have been helping us source those last minute stocking fillers.

We've also got our weekly Maintenance team 'Snaps'  of Gary working in the PO's Mess and externally on some scaffolding. We also caught up with the latest work on the onboard reception office.

29 November - 6 December: Britannia's Christmas decorations are revealed!
There is much excitement on board today as we are now counting down the hours to Britannia's Christmas Weekend. In preparation, members from the Britannia team spent a full day decorating the ship with stunning trees and garlands. In time honoured tradition, there is even a Christmas tree on the Bridge. We also wanted to share our latest winter warmer special in the Royal Deck Tea Room - the Royal Toddy! A luxurious hot drink combining Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, peppermint tea and lemon stirred with Scottish honey. Delicious.

Our latest 'Snaps' of the Maintenance team show work on the Baggage Store and onboard reception office. The team also worked on new electrical cabling - which as you can imagine, is no easy task aboard a 60 year old ship. New water supply pipes were also made this week.

November 2013

23-29 November: A 25 foot Christmas arrives and unique items gifted back to Britannia. As always, it was a busy week aboard the Royal Yacht. Our stunning 25 foot Christmas tree arrived on the quayside, just in time for our Gift Shop's Christmas Shopping and Seasonal Tastings Day. Our Photographer in Residence was on hand to capture many happy shoppers enjoying 25% discount! Our talented shop team have also shared their talents for gift wrapping - keep a look out on our Blog for the 'How to' video coming soon.

We also wanted to bring you the stories behind two more special items on board, kindly given to Britannia by Harry The B Horne, author of 'A Yachtsman's Tale' book that is on sale in our shop. Look out for them when you visit - the first is a bar stool in the PO's Mess, which was made from the old funnel siren before it was replaced. The second is an engraved rocket shell, presented to the PO's and Sergeant's Mess by their counterparts on Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Yukon. It now sits in the Unwinding Room and was originally in the PO's Mess, as you can see from Harry's original photo of him on board with the two items!

The Maintenance team were also busy painting areas of the ship and completing work to the plumbing and draining of water on board. They also helped take Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound out for a film crew we welcomed on board.

16-22 November: Santa by Royal Appointment, beautiful gifts and Ocean Terminal's decorations. With Christmas just around the corner, Santa made a surprise appearance at Britannia this week - not by chimney, but via the ship's funnell! It made 5 year old Faith Bracamonte visit quite magical, as you can see from the 'Snaps' below. Our Gift Shop is also now stocked with some stunning Christmas decorations and gifts. We hope you join us for our 25% off Christmas Shopping Day next week. Our Photographer in Residence also captured Ocean Terminal's glittering decorations. Click on the gallery below to see the full size images.

Our latest Maintenance team update takes us off the tour route - there is often a lot of work to do behind-the-scenes to ensure a decommissioned ship like Britannia runs smoothly. This week, we see the team working to level out the camber in our onboard reception office (this helps, amongst other things, to keep desk drawers from opening!). Our electrician Paul was also busy PAT testing a number of items, including the workshop saw.

9-15 November: Moët partnership and Pudsey Bear pops by! We are delighted to have partnered with Moët who hold the Royal Warrant to supply Champagne to Her Majesty The Queen. We took the opportunity to photograph the Champagne in the Officers' Wardroom and Royal Chart Room, where we will soon be hosting tastings. This week, we also had a visit from BBC Children in Need's Pudsey Bear, who was at Gregg's in Ocean Terminal, as part of their fundraising for the charity.

Romance was also in the air this week - not only did we have a proposal on board last Friday, but another couple, Nigel and Sheila, got married at Leith Registry Office on Thursday. They then decided to spend the rest of their day looking round Britannia and enjoyed a treat in the Tea Room. We wish them all the best for their future together!

The Maintenance team have also been working away on various tasks, from ensuring the Royal Barge is gleaming for our visitors, washing the Royal Deck glass walls and fixing areas on the tour route to ensure it always looks immaculate.

2-8 November: Tea Room winter warmers and the latest Maintenance team update. If you're looking to warm up on a cold winter's day, the latest additions to our Tea Room menu will certainly help. The delicious Chef's daily specials are back, including soup and the delicious hot sandwich. As everything is made from fresh in the Galley, Ruth caught up with the Chefs as they prepared the new menu items.

Our Retail department also enjoyed a team night this week making cupcakes! We have a great photo of their fantastic creations at the end of the gallery.

Ruth also caught up with our Maintenance team who were busy emptying the No. 1 Provision Room for inspection and painting. Jay was making shelves for the Tea Room while Martin worked on handrail restoration. Stuart and Dean tiled the Bridge Heads this week and Tony painted the Baggage Store.

26 October - 1 November: Halloween and Dr Bear returns to Britannia
'Spooktacular' cupcakes, scary pumpkins and pumpkin soup arrived in the Royal Deck Tea Room at Britannia this week as Halloween descended on Edinburgh, officially Britain's 'spookiest city'. This week, we also welcomed back a former member of crew - Dr Bear! You can spot him on the tour route in the Sick Bay where we photographed him this week, or read more about his story on our blog.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team were hard at work needlegunning, priming, painting and sanding areas of the ship. Ian was also busy fixing a leak in the water system on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound while Joss applied anti-slip tread to a ramp on the tour route.  

October 2013 

19-25 October: Beautiful floral arrangements and joinery                         
As was tradition when Britannia was in service, fresh flowers are prominent in the Royal Apartments. When in service, there was a refrigerated store on board in which flowers were kept. Often these flowers were brought from the Royal Gardens at Windsor, but the Steward who arranged them in the Royal Apartments also bought local flowers in the countries visited. This weeks 'snaps' show our florist arranging the stunning flowers visitors can enjoy when visiting Britannia.

Ruth has been following members of the Maintenance team as they make a mortise and tenon joint for the Royal Chart Room chairs. She has caught Stuart from the team applying screed to the floor of the Royal Chart Room Galley which levels out the camber on the floor. Darren and Joss have also been hard at work painting the Shipwrights' Workshop.

12-18 October: Delicious coffee, stunning silver and Security team photos.
Now that autumn has well and truly arrived, it's even more of an excuse to enjoy a treat in the Royal Deck Tea Room when visiting Britannia. This week, we went behind the bar with Barbara, one of our talented Baristas, who was making a selection of coffees. This week's 'Snaps' also feature two members of Britannia's Security team, Ronnie and Ian. We also found one of our butlers polishing the beautiful collection of silverware in the Silver Pantry.

Ruth also caught up with members of our Maintenance team who were painting the lift tower, which ensure accessibility for all our visitors. Meanwhile, Jim was crafting new wooden blocks for the Fast Motor Launch davits and Paul was painting by the Royal Chart Room.

5-11 October: Britannia's Finance team, delicious fudge and craftsmen at work.
We continue to bring you team photographs of those who work behind-the-scenes and this week we feature our fabulous Finance team! Our Photographer in Residence also caught up with our onboard Confectioner, Poppy, who creates the delicious fudge you can sample and buy from Britannia's NAAFI (and our online Gift Shop). 

The Maintenance team have been busy working with timber that came in last week. This is being made into stability pads for the Fast Motor Launches and also new chairs for the Royal Chart Room. Here you see the process of planing, routering and sanding to ensure the thickness of the wood is perfect before it is crafted into the finished article. Ruth also caught up with various tasks around the ship, from adding chrome treads to preserve steps, to painting around old electrical boxes.

28 September - 4 October: Britannia's resident heron, TripAdvisor award and the Maintenance team working from a height! Over the last couple of weeks, a heron has grown very fond of Britannia and has been spotted at a number of locations around the quayside and fishing in the sea!

We were also delighted to receive our TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice award through the post and captured some of our front of house team proudly displaying the award. Ruth also photographed some beautiful new products we have in our Gift Shop, from silverware to Christmas gifts, which have already been flying off the shelves!

Our Maintenance team have also been busy this week, doing the prep work for painting the Fast Motor Launch (FML) davits. Here you can see Nigel and Joss adding black knight (this is added before a primer). This is all done before opening to the public for the day. Meanwhile, Jim was crafting new side tables for the Tea Room, in addition to menu card holders made from reclaimed teak decking. Stuart was also busy replacing the old water tank in the boiler house - the water supply that services the whole ship today.

September 2013

20-27 September: Delicious treats from the Royal Galley and maintenance team work
This week, we thought we'd show you some of the delicious selection of cakes our Royal Deck Tea Room serve each day from the Royal Galley. The perfect accompaniment to enjoy with a pot of tea aboard Britannia! Ruth also popped in on the Galley team who were busy creating smoked salmon canapés and baking bread for the event that night. We also spotted Executive Chef Mark receiving his gold crest badge from Chief Executive, Bob Downie, for five years' service to the company!

This week's Maintenance team 'Snaps' show Darren and Nigel safely harnessed in while working on the exterior portside of the ship, removing rust. We also captured Ian fixing a new radio on to one of Britannia's Fast Motor Launches, while Stuart lay new tiling and Gary and Jim carried out final work on the Funnel Deck.

14-19 September: HR team and a special treat in the Tea Room
We continue to bring you team photographs of those who work behind-the-scenes aboard the Royal Yacht. This week, our lovely HR team were in the hot seat and Ruth captured some great photographs aboard Britannia and Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound. Ruth also caught up with Commis Chef, Michal, who was busy baking bread for the event that night in the original Royal Galley - the delicious smell always makes its way down to our offices!

We also wanted to show you our new speciality coffee in the Royal Deck Tea Room, the 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', which is infused with Drambuie. A lovely treat to warm you up, now that autumn has arrived.

As always, Ruth also shadowed the Maintenance team as they completed various jobs around Britannia, from handrail repairs to the final coat of paint following preservation work on the Funnel Deck.

7-13 September: Britannia's retail team and maintenance update
This week our Photographer in Residence, Ruth, caught up with a few members of our retail team. Included here is Joanne, our Merchandise Manager, who sources many of the wonderful gifts and souvenirs you'll find in our Gift Shop and Gillian, one of our friendly Sales Assistants, who is here to help you find the perfect memento on the day of your visit. Also pictured is our creative confectionary genius Poppy, who makes all our fudge on board and Vicki, Operations Manager, responsible for ensuring all runs smoothly in our Gift Shop and online shop. This week Ruth also accompanied Joanne as she travelled to our printers to check our official guidebook which is currently being updated.

This week, Britannia's Maintenance team have been busy on various tasks around the ship, from painting the Funnel Deck to repairing the Steering Console from The Bridge. All proceeds from admissions, events, the Royal Deck Tea Room and Gift Shop go back into the preservation of Britannia for future generations to enjoy. You can read more about the work of the trust here.

1 - 6 September: Britannia's dedicated Maintenance team.
Britannia's dedicated Maintenance team work incredibly hard 363 days of the year, ensuring the Royal Yacht is kept in immaculate condition. The vast majority of the team have either served in the Royal Navy (RN) or worked at the Royal Navy Rosyth Dockyard, and include specialist joiners, plumbers and electricians, all led by a Royal Navy trained naval architect/shipwright.

This week's 'Snaps' show the team come together for a group shot, between making the Funnel Deck a non-skid surface and working on storage facilities. Our Photographer in Residence, Ruth, challenged the team to some creative poses and we love the end result! Click on the galleries below to see the full set of 'Snaps'…

August 2013

23 - 30 August: Visitor experience team photograph and latest restoration work.
Ruth has continued to capture members of the Britannia team. This week, we bring you more snaps of our visitor experience team who are key to ensuring that all our guests leave Britannia having had an exceptional experience on board.

The Maintenance team have also been working to restore more areas of the ship, which Ruth was on hand to capture.

15 - 22 August: Team photographs and Bloodhound
Ruth has been capturing members of Britannia's team this week. We now have 150 staff working for the charitable trust, these are some of the people who help ensure that your visit to Britannia is a memorable one. Some you may see when you visit and some you may not, as they are squirreling away in the offices or ensuring the Royal Yacht is kept shipshape.

The Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound returns to the Port of Leith next week. We thought you would like to see some of the maintenance work that went into the re-fit of Bloodhound before she headed off to Oban in July.

We now have 150 staff working for the charitable trust, these are some of the people who help ensure that your visit to Britannia is a memorable one. Some you may see when you visit and some you may not, as they are squirreling away in the offices or ensuring Britannia is kept shipshape. - See more at:
We now have 150 staff working for the charitable trust, these are some of the people who help ensure that your visit to Britannia is a memorable one. Some you may see when you visit and some you may not, as they are squirreling away in the offices or ensuring Britannia is kept shipshape. - See more at:
We now have 150 staff working for the charitable trust, these are some of the people who help ensure that your visit to Britannia is a memorable one. Some you may see when you visit and some you may not, as they are squirreling away in the offices or ensuring Britannia is kept shipshape. - See more at:
We now have 150 staff working for the charitable trust, these are some of the people who help ensure that your visit to Britannia is a memorable one. Some you may see when you visit and some you may not, as they are squirreling away in the offices or ensuring Britannia is kept shipshape. - See more at:

8 - 14 August: Britannia by night and Maintenance snaps
This week, our 'Photographer in Residence' took some wonderful evening shots of Britannia. Photographed from Britannia's motor launch, they show the beautiful night sky at twilight. We also captured some wonderful photos of the 1920s luxury yacht, 'Voyager', which was docked in Leith from 12-14 August, as part of the Johnnie Walker Odyssey


2 - 7 August: Behind the scenes in the Royal Galleys and weekly maintenance update.
This week's 'Snaps' capture our Royal Galley team preparing the fresh ingredients used in our delicious soups, as well as our tasty scones and jam which are served in our Royal Deck Tea Room. If you are visiting Britannia, make sure you pop into the Tea Room whilst on board. Everything served aboard Britannia, both in our Royal Deck Tea Room and for our evening events is prepared by our team of Chefs within the original Royal Galleys.

Our maintenance team have been busy this week scraping, sanding and varnishing the pontoon handrails which are now gleaming! This week's 'Snaps' also show Jim busy in the workshop building new cabinets for the marketing team offices.

27 July - 1 August: Black Tot Day and latest Maintenance team 'Snaps'.
On 31 July, we marked Black Tot Day aboard Britannia with tastings in our Gift Shop and a delicious cocktail in our Royal Deck Tea Room. Black Tot Day on 31 July 1970 was the final day the Royal Navy issued its service men and women with their daily rum ration. Today, we use Royal Navy Pusser's Rum in the Tea Room and sell it in our Gift Shop. Pusser's now contribute a percentage of the overall company that would have been spent on rum to help support serving and ex-Navy personnel, providing everything from bedding to rehabilitation equipment.

This week's 'Snaps' also capture the beautiful flower arrangements throughout Britannia and the latest maintenance jobs, from bringing the completed work station to the Tea Room, to painting the Royal Brow ready for evening event guests.

July 2013

20-26 July: Celebrating the birth of a new Prince and maintenance update.
This week has been truly special with the safe arrival of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. This week's 'Snaps' show the celebrations on board and other activity around Britannia, including the largest sailing ship in the world coming into port and the beautiful flowers on our quayside.

The latest maintenance update shows the team making a new viewing area into the Yotties' Unwinding Room. We also have many visitors who ask to see the Switchboard in Britannia's Generator Room - as this is off the tour route, we thought we'd capture it on camera instead for you. 

13-19 July: Sailing in the stunning Western Isles and maintenance shots.
Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound is currently available for sailing around the stunning scenery of Scotland's Western Isles. Our Photographer in Residence travelled up to Oban this week to see her in action with her crew of former Royal Yachtsmen.

Meanwhile, back aboard Britannia, the maintenance 'Snaps' this week show the team adding the final finishing touches to the new work stations for the Royal Deck Tea Room and jobs that the team undertake on a daily basis. With over 800 metres of handrails on board, restoring sections of these is an ongoing task. Other tasks include painting areas of the tour route to ensure it's immaculate for our visitors, fitting a new lock and repairing a handset for the self-guided audio tour.

6 -12 July: Summer at last!
We've been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine aboard Britannia this week and so have our visitors! With the start of the summer holidays, this week's 'Snaps' capture our guests enjoying the sunshine out on deck and some pocket money toys from our fabulous Gift Shop. (You can learn more about the history of Royal children on board Britannia on our blog).

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team have been taking advantage of the great weather, carrying out preservation work on the fo'c'sle and quarter decks. First, the deck is soaked in water, before the deck is stripped and oiled. You can see the process and end result in the photographs below.

28 June-5 July: A Champagne reception for Britannia's 60th Anniversary and latest Maintenance 'Snaps'. We were delighted to welcome guests on board this week in celebration of Britannia's 60th Anniversary year. Our Photographer in Residence was there to capture the event. Here's a selection of the photographs, but should you wish to see them in full, you'll find them on our Facebook page.

After many months of preparation, Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound left Leith on Monday to sail to Oban. She is available for private day sails around the stunning Western Isles during July and August, with her crew of former Royal Yachtsmen. This week's 'Snaps' also show the continued restoration work on Britannia's lifebelts and correcting a steering issue on an Escort Boat.

June 2013

22-27 June: Activity Boat restoration project and Gift Shop items coming soon. This week, our Photographer in Residence shadowed the maintenance team as they prepared one of Britannia's Activity Boats to be transported down south, where a former Royal Yachtsman will fit a new engine at his workshop. The current maintenance team still work closely with Royal Yachtsmen on specific projects today and have been working hard for weeks to get the Activity Boat prepared for its refit. The team also completed the final finishing touches to Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound as they prepare for her journey to Oban on Monday.

This week, a photo shoot also took place with Photographer Helen Pugh for some lovely new items we have in our Gift Shop. We thought we'd give you a sneak preview of these before they go for sale online…

13-21 June: A busy port and maintenance jobs of the week.
Our Photographer in Residence has also been following the Maintenance team this week, capturing their work around the ship. The team has many different experts in their relevant fields, from joiners to electricians. The work doesn't stop at Britannia alone; this week's 'Snaps' show work completed on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound, ready for her to sail to Oban in just over a week's time, in addition to restoration work on one of Britannia's activity boats:

This week, the marketing team have also enjoyed using Instagram to capture activity around the ship, from cruise ships coming into port, to a fabulous competition we have in conjunction with Moët in the Royal Deck Tea Room.

8-12 June: Father's Day inspiration and latest maintenance update.
This Sunday, why not bring your dad along to Britannia for a day out together for Father's Day? Treat him to a Cuba Libre cocktail in our Royal Deck Tea Room which has been specially created for Father's Day. Our shop also has a fantastic selection of gifts that we are sure your Dad will love.

Our dedicated Maintenance team have been busy this week scraping paint off Britannia's deck and wire wheeling rust from the Shelter Deck. Our Photographer in Residence captured the following photographs...

1-7 June: Maintenance work around Britannia this week. Our Photographer in Residence caught up with our dedicated maintenance team this week, who work incredibly hard to ensure Britannia is kept in immaculate condition. This week, we have photographs from the various tasks that take place, from adding gold leaf to a life belt, to making new lines for Britannia's dress flags. The team were also working on a new hatch that was created as part of Bloodhound's restoration. Check out the photographs below…

May 2013

18 - 24 May: Yotties Week and Britannia bids farewell to HMS Edinburgh. It's been a fantastic week with over 70 former Royal Yachtsmen back aboard Britannia for their annual working party. Working alongside the Maintenance team, visitors and staff alike have loved meeting the people who served aboard Britannia when she was in Royal service and hearing their stories.

This week, Britannia also bid farewell to HMS Edinburgh as she left Leith Docks in Edinburgh for the final time before her decommissioning. Our Photographer in Residence captured this historic event. You can read more and see our video of HMS Edinburgh leaving on our blog.

14 - 17 May: HMS Edinburgh and Bloodhound sails once again. There's been a lot happening at Britannia this week! On Wednesday, HMS Edinburgh, the 'Fortress of the Sea,' came in to Leith for one final visit to Edinburgh prior to her decommissioning. From the 'Palace of the Sea', our Photographer in Residence got a great photograph to share with you. The following day, Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound was ready following her restoration to be craned back into the water and sailed back round to her pontoon to be on display once again.

4 - 13 May: It's almost Yotties Week! We are so excited to be welcoming back almost 80 former Royal Yachtsmen, or 'Yotties' as they're affectionately known, aboard Britannia next week for their annual working party. You can read more about the event here, but for now we thought we'd bring you a few photos from last year. Hope you can join us for this special week to hear some incredible stories about the Yotties' time on board.

27 April - 3 May: Tasty additions to the Tea Room menu. Our new summer menu in the Royal Deck Tea Room has some delicious additions, including a 'retro' milk shake and Coronation chicken salad. Our Photographer in Residence was here to capture the new treats on camera. Read more about this on the Britannia blog.

April 2013

20-26 April: The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines. To end the week of 60th  Anniversary celebrations in true Britannia style, members of the Royal Marines returned to the Royal Yacht to perform a spectacular drum corps 'Mess Beating' on the Verandah Deck.

When Britannia was in Royal service, the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines performed and captured the imagination of audiences around the world. President Reagan was moved to remark after viewing their 30-minute Beat Retreat ceremony on a Californian quayside: "Your Majesty, I thought Hollywood was the entertainment capital of the world, but there's no way we could beat this." Today, the Royal Marines continue to perform at our evening events on board.

10-19 April: Britannia's 60th Anniversary celebrations. What a great week! There's been such a wonderful atmosphere here aboard Britannia, celebrating 60 years since her launch in 1953. The celebrations began with a 1950s vintage weekend, taking visitors back to the era of her launch. On the Anniversary date itself, 16 April, we welcomed back the longest serving Royal Yachtsmen ('Yotties') Ellis 'Norrie' Norrell MVO, RVM, and Albert 'Dixie' Deane MBE, RVM, who raised a new flag in honour of all those who served aboard. The press turned out for the ceremony and were even caught on camera by our Photographer in Residence!


1-9 April: Celebrating 60 glorious years: vintage 1950s photo shoot. With just a few days to go until we begin our 60th Anniversary celebrations, we have some fantastic photographs from the vintage fashion shoot we organised as part of this for you this week, to give a taster of what you might expect from our 1950s-themed weekend on 13 and 14 April.

As always, we've got the final photographs and beautiful behind-the-scenes shots too from our Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong - and if the jewellery used in the photo shoot catches your eye, we have many of the items for sale in our Gift Shop. For more details on the events planned to celebrate Britannia's 60th Anniversary, please click here.

Download our 60th Anniversary programme of events.

March 2013

16-28 March: Easter holidays have arrived! We're very much looking forward to welcoming our visitors on board over the Easter holidays and have a few sweet treats in the Royal Deck Tea Room, NAAFI and Gift Shop. If you're looking to keep the little ones entertained, we've got a special version of the audio handset for children and the under 5's are free. Or come and relax in the Tea Room with a pot of tea and slice of delicious cake! We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

8-15 March: Behind-the-scenes in the Royal Galley, tall ships and surprise snowfall. We have some great photographs for you this week from many areas of the ship! At the beginning of the week, we had some surprising weather for March, with snowfall across Edinburgh. Visitors loved seeing the snowman we built on the Verandah Deck. We also had a beautiful tall ship alongside Britannia which we got a photo of for you. 

Finally, our Photographer in Residence spent a few hours in the Royal Galley with our Chefs who were busy preparing for an evening event. From canapé receptions, to five-course menus, everything is made on board using only the freshest, local, seasonal ingredients…as you can see from this week's 'Snaps.'

1-8 March: Britannia's dress ship flags are raised each year in time for Mother's Day, and this week our Photographer in Residence captured Tony from the Maintenance team stitching these together, in preparation for display.

She also caught up with Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound's restoration as Gary from the team fitted a new bulkhead (partition) for the interior of this former ocean racing yacht. There were also sparks flying from further maintenance work - check out the photographs below!

February 2013

23-28 February: Behind-the-scenes with the Housekeeping team. Britannia's dedicated Housekeeping team work 363 days of the year to ensure the Royal Yacht is kept in immaculate condition. This week, our Photographer in Residence caught up with team for a few hours to find out how they keep Britannia ship shape. You can read more about a day in the life of our Housekeeping team on our blog.

16-22 February: Bloodhound craned out of the water for original refit. The classic 60 foot Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound was craned out of the water this week, as part of its maintenance programme by Britannia. It was a spectacular sight to see this beautiful 1930s racing yacht lifted on to the quayside and our Photographer in Residence was here to capture the event.
Read more about this on our blog

9-15 February: Cooking up a treat for Shrove Tuesday. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the Royal Deck Tea Room on Tuesday, as our Chefs set up a stove and made delicious pancakes for visitors to enjoy. One young visitor also helped pose for a photograph with our Chef out on deck, as a press photographer came along to capture the event.

1-8 February: Inside the Engine Room. Britannia's engines steamed over 1 million nautical miles over 40 years with barely a problem for her time in service. Visitors to Britannia today are fascinated to see the sparkling chrome dials and this incredible machinery that remains a testament to British engineering at its best. Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, got the chance to go inside the spectacular Engine Room this week and capture some of the finer details.

January 2013

25-31 January: Gilding the compass binnacle with 24 carat gold leaf. This week, we went off the tour route to find Darren from the Maintenance team, who was gilding the compass binnacle with gold leaf. The binnacle is normally located on the Verandah Deck, by Britannia's bell. It was a popular focal point for photographs taken by 'Snaps,' and continues to be for visitors today. From this week's photographs, you can see Darren priming the binnacle with size - an adhesive material used as a base. Just before it is dry, the gold leaf is carefully added, and as you can see from the photograph, the end result is stunning.

19-24 January: Shadowing the maintenance team. This week our Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, caught up with members of the Maintenance team who work tirelessly to keep Britannia in immaculate condition. Ruth's first port of call was seeing Stuart and Rab from the team remove handrails in order to restore them. Next stop was the Officers' Wardroom, which saw the original furniture and silverware being returned following the restoration project. Finally, Ruth captured the team restoring areas of the deck and taking the opportunity to replace a ramp for visitors at the same time.

12-18 January: Preparation for Burns Day. The Royal Deck Tea Room will be serving up a treat on Burns Day next Friday, 25 January. We stopped by the Royal Galley this week to see how the Chefs create the traditional Scottish dish of haggis, neeps and tatties the Britannia way. You might also spot the Britannia tartan amongst the photographs, which was specially commissioned from Kinloch Anderson in Edinburgh to incorporate Britannia's colours. Read more about this on our blog.

5-11 January: Finishing touches added to stunning bronze statue. In 2012 we brought you photographs to show the fascinating work that goes into building a bronze statue from its commissioning. This week, our Photographer in Residence captured the final touches, and the stunning lifelike finished statue.

1-4 January: Highlights of 2012. This past year has been incredible at Britannia, starting with dry docking in January and events marking Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This week's photographs look over our highlights of the last 12 months, as we look forward to an exciting year ahead, celebrating Britannia's own 60th Anniversary.


See Weekly 'Snaps' from 2012





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