Britannia's 2014 Weekly 'Snaps'

December 2014

20-26 December: Happy Christmas!
Christmas has arrived and we’re all feeling so very festive aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia. The trees are up, the stockings hung and Santa’s tray is ready for his arrival. We even caught a glimpse of him on camera last year…take a look at our Christmas video to see for yourself. Happy Christmas everyone!

As you know, our hard-working Maintenance team work 363 days of the year to keep Britannia ship shape. This week they’ve continued painting the State Apartments and worked on many other tasks as you’ll see from the photos below.

13-19 December: Behind-the-scenes in the Royal Galley
Christmas is a busy time of year for our Events team. This week Ruth went behind-the-scenes in the Royal Galley on the evening of an event to capture our fantastic Chefs at work. She also pictured our Executive Chef, Mark Alston, with the latest edition of 'Yes Chef' magazine which he features in. Other photographs this week include the office team covering the front-of-house roles as they had their Christmas lunch and other festive photos from around the ship!

This week’s Maintenance photos also have a Christmas theme as we show how Jimmy from the team created the fantastic sleigh which is on display in the Gift Shop.

6-12 December: Festive photos and members of the Finance team
To celebrate Britannia’s beautiful decorations going up, we hosted our annual Christmas Weekend. Visitors enjoyed complimentary mulled wine and shortbread in the Chief Petty Officers’ Mess. This week our Photographer in Residence also went behind-the-scenes to photograph members of our fantastic Finance team who keep Britannia running smoothly in our offices on board.

Meanwhile, members of the Maintenance team have braved the cold this week to wash down Britannia’s decks. Painting has continued in the State Dining Room while Dean and Stuart worked on the Wardroom Pantry.

29 November – 5 December: Christmas shopping and stunning decorations revealed.
This week Britannia was decked out with stunning decorations. It was a team effort, with members from the Maintenance, Visitor Experience, Retail and Marketing teams all lending a helping hand. On Wednesday visitors stocked up on Christmas gifts with our discount shopping day in the Gift Shop. Plus we had a pianist performing in the Royal Deck Tea Room and the Musical Mariners Band playing festive music in the State Dining Room. If you’re visiting Edinburgh this Christmas, don’t forget to stop by and see us. Watch our Christmas video to get you in the festive spirit.


November 2014

22-28 November: Step into Christmas!
With the launch of our Christmas film and 20 foot tree arriving this week, we’re starting to feel very festive aboard Britannia. Our Gift Shop has been busy preparing for their Discount Shopping Day next week and selected some of their favourite gifts to photograph. Our Christmas Puddings are also selling fast, so make sure you get yours soon.

Other photos this week include Susan and Raymond from Housekeeping ensuring every inch of the yacht is sparkling (as always!) for the festive season. The Maintenance team has also continued their work applying gold leaf to the ship’s hull and started repainting the State Dining Room.

See how we made the Christmas video on our blog.

15-21 November: Our Christmas video is launched! #SantasCorgis
This week we were all very excited to launch our fun 2014 Christmas video ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Featuring Britannia staff-turned-actors and some very cute corgis, the whole film was created, filmed and edited on board by our Marketing team. In this week’s ‘Snaps’, we’ve taken you behind-the-scenes to show you how we made it! Watch the video here, or learn more about our what's on at Britannia this Christmas.

As well as Ian from the Maintenance team taking on the role of Santa for the Christmas video, many other tasks have been completed this week. Jimmy was busy making new music stands for entertainment during our evening events, Martin was sorting the ship’s dress flags and gold leaf is in the process of being restored on Britannia’s hull.

8-14 November: Tea Room winter warmers and gorgeous Christmas stock in the Gift Shop
As the days get chillier, Britannia’s Royal Deck Tea Room becomes even more inviting with its delicious menu of winter warmers. This week, Ruth popped along to the Galley to photograph the tasty soups being prepared and indulgent hot chocolate with marshmallows! In the Royal Galley, Executive Chef, Mark Alston, checked over his delivery of fresh crabs from the West Coast to prepare for the event that night, while the Gift Shop also received a delivery of their gorgeous Christmas teddy bears. Click on the gallery below to see all the photographs from this week:

In this week's Maintenance 'Snaps', the team completed the final stages repainting Britannia’s stunning blue hull. This is the final part of a project involving weeks of preparation, from removing rust, to sanding, and now the first coat of paint.

1-7 November: Images from Leith, Guy Fawkes, the Tea Room Galley and Housekeeping
This week, our Photographer in Residence went off site to get a photograph of the stunning mural on Great Junction Street. The mural was painted in the 1980s by artists Chalk and Grime and tells the story of Leith. You can read more about it here. If you’re looking for other things to do when you visit Britannia in Leith, check out our blog for our top 5 suggestions

Other photographs this week range from the tasty Spiced Apple Cocktail created for bonfire night to a catch up with Housekeeping, Tea Room Chefs and photos of the stunning Newbridge Silverware Hanging Decorations in our Gift Shop. Ruth also caught up with the Maintenance team as they carried out their tasks this week and we had a gorgeous guide dog puppy who visited with his trainers (we welcome all assistance dogs aboard Britannia).

October 2014

25-31 October: Spooktacular treats, BBC film crew and a peek into the Galley
This week, we had great fun preparing for Halloween, from carving pumpkins to adding themed cupcakes to the menu in the Royal Deck Tea Room. We also welcomed a film crew from the BBC, popped in on the Chefs in the Royal Galley and shadowed the Maintenance team as they went about their daily tasks. Click on the galleries below to see all the photos:

18-24 October: Halloween fudge, Health and Safety plus the Generator Room
Resident Confectioner, Poppy, has been creating delicious Halloween fudge this week. Britannia’s Health and Safety Advisor, Darren, showed us some of the regular tasks he has to complete to keep everyone safe aboard the Royal Yacht. We also went off the tour route to photograph the Generator Room and snapped our piano tuner tuning the State Drawing Room piano, ready to be played at an evening event.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team were taking down Britannia’s flags in advance of Hurricane Gonzolo! They also continued their work on Britannia’s hull while completing other tasks.

11-17 October: New arrivals!
This week is full of new arrivals, from the Gift Shop to Events and Tea Room. The Gift Shop’s stunning Newbridge Silverware Hanging Decoration Collection has been drawing lots of attention from visitors and shoppers in Ocean Terminal. Our Gift Shop is the only stockist of this popular collection in Edinburgh and it’s been selling fast, so be sure to pop in or give us a call if you’d like to purchase a decoration.

Our Events team were thrilled to receive delivery of their beautiful new brochure. You can see it in full online here. The team also received their new Moët & Chandon plates, made specially for dinners in the Officers’ Wardroom. Meanwhile in the Tea Room, we photographed the new winter warmer ‘Edinburgh Fog’, a tasty blend of milk, Earl Grey and vanilla. We’ve tried it and it’s delicious! The Maintenance team were also catching up on many tasks, from replacing communication devices on the tour route to painting Britannia’s hull.

4-10 October: Half term games, accessibility aboard Britannia and private tour preparation
October half term is almost here, so our Shop team picked some of their favourite games for keeping the family entertained over the holidays. We aim to make Britannia as accessible as possible for all our visitors, so this week Ruth snapped a few photographs showing items we've put in place for visitors with additional support needs (read our full Access Statement here). Ruth also captured members of the Britannia team as they prepared for a private tour, from Housekeeping ensuring the Chart Room and quayside was immaculate, to the Chefs creating the delicious afternoon tea.

This week's Maintenance team 'snaps' show the team fixing new ceiling tiles in the Gift Shop - quite a task with scaffolding needed to get to them! The team were also measuring up for carpet protection in advance of painting the Royal Apartments and carrying out checks on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound in addition to other tasks.

27 September - 3 October: Behind-the-scenes in the Tea Room, reflections and the Flag Deck.
This week our Photographer in Residence went behind-the-scenes in the Royal Deck Tea Room and also popped up to the highest point on Britannia, the Flag Deck. Along the way she got many photographs, from beautiful water reflections to the friendly faces of our staff. Click on the photos below to see the whole gallery.

Meanwhile, our Maintenance team were busy working on Britannia's portholes, painting the ship's crest and making new tables for the Gift Shop to present their lovely products on.

September 2014

20-26 September: A stunning new bronze statue for Britannia
This week our new Royal Yachtsman bronze statue arrived at Britannia along the red carpet! He is now permanently in place as part of the welcoming team for our evening events, stationed at the foot of the Royal Brow. The new statue took months to make by the talented team at Powderhall Bronze. This week's 'snaps' take a look back over this fascinating process, alongside his delivery and other events at Britannia this week. The Maintenance team were also busy with many tasks, from painting the white work to fitting lighting cables for the Royal Barge. Click on the galleries below to see more.

13-19 September: Golfing gifts and MV Windsor Castle
With the Ryder Cup coming to Scotland next week, our fabulous Retail team have selected their favourite golfing gifts for this week's 'Snaps'. Our Photographer in Residence also stepped aboard MV Windsor Castle to take some interior photographs, as she begins an 18 month conversion into a luxury 'boatique' hotel. Click on the galleries below to see all the photographs:

The Maintenance team have also worked on various tasks this week:

6-12 September: MV Windsor Castle moves to her new berth and we celebrate Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight
There's always something new happening at Britannia and this week we watched as MV Windsor Castle moved berths, ready for her transformation into Scotland's first luxury 'boatique' hotel.

This week we've also been celebrating Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight. We use local, Scottish ingredients wherever possible for our evening event menus, Tea Room menu and Gift Shop products to ensure the finest quality for our customers. The fudge in the NAAFI is also made on board Britannia. Read more about Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight on our blog.

30 August - 5 September: Cappuccinos, cakes and Bloodhound returns
With so many delicious cakes on the Royal Deck Tea Room menu (and a current fondness for 'The Great British Bake Off'), we thought we'd get a few 'snaps' of these tasty treats this week. Our visitors are also loving the coffee stencils in the Tea Room and, back by popular demand, the Gift Shop are selling crest and ship design teaspoons once again. We were also delighted to welcome Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound (and the Activity Boat) back from Oban where she has been available for day sails throughout the summer months.

The Maintenance team have continued work preparing MV Windsor Castle's new berth this week, in addition to making new handrails and restoring rope boxes.

August 2014

22-29 August: New fudge in the NAAFI and Windsor Castle photographs
This week Ruth popped in to the NAAFI as resident Confectioner, Poppy, made our delicious new fudge flavour, Highland Toffee. In the Royal Galley, Pastry Chef Andrew was busy creating the Apple Pie Special for the Royal Deck Tea Room. We also have some great new photographs of MV Windsor Castle, following her arrival in Edinburgh last week.

16-21 August: MV Windsor Castle arrives and a world record attempt takes place aboard Britannia!
There was a lot of excitement this week as we prepared for the arrival of MV Windsor Castle on Friday night. She looked beautiful as she was brought into Edinburgh's historic port of Leith.

This week it was also fantastic to welcome aboard Sergeant Bugler Graham 'Stevo' Stephenson and his fellow Royal Marines this week as he broke the world record for the longest solo drum roll. The current record stood at 12 hours and 2 seconds; Sergeant Stephenson drummed for an incredible 17 hours and 4 minutes to set the new one! You can read more about the attempt here.

Meanwhile, Britannia's Retail team were delighted to stock the shop's shelves with their new tea range. The new drum design is inspired by the Royal Yacht's Sun Lounge where HM The Queen often enjoyed afternoon tea.

The Maintenance team were also busy preparing for MV Windsor Castle's arrival while working on many other tasks this week.

9-15 August: Britannia buys Windsor Castle! Plus Nagaland Warriors' performance and we celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week.
It's been an exciting week aboard the Royal Yacht as we announced Britannia has bought the iconic heritage vessel, MV Windsor Castle. She will be converted into a luxury 'boatique' hotel, due to open in Spring 2016. You can read more about this new venture here.

This week we were also very lucky to have another visit from performers in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo - this time the Nagaland Warriors were welcomed on board and put on a fantastic performance for our visitors. We have also been celebrating National Afternoon Tea Week which you can read more about on our blog. Our Gift Shop team gave us some excellent product ideas for creating your own Afternoon Tea at home. Finally, Ruth popped in on the Galley to see the team prepare for an evening event.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team continued their work on the Wheelhouse Pantry and saw to many other jobs from electrical work to varnishing latches for display boxes.

2-8 August: Zulu performers delight Britannia's visitors
August is Edinburgh's Festival month and the atmosphere is wonderful in the city. This week we had a very special group of visitors - South Africa's iNgobamakhosi Zulu Dancers - who are performing in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. They sang a couple of songs for our visitors and even the audio handsets had a starring role!

In the Gift Shop, our new range of jams and chutneys went on sale. Made exclusively for Britannia in Angus, Scotland, they are available in 7 flavours and make the perfect souvenir or gift to take home. This month, our Royal Deck Tea Room also celebrated serving over half a million visitors since opening in 2009 - that's a lot of tea! Click on the galleries below to see all the photos from this week, including our fantastic Maintenance team working on many different tasks.

26 July - 1 August: Ministerial visit for Britannia's Access Statement launch
This week we were delighted to welcome aboard Fergus Ewing, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism who launched our Access Statement. He was joined by the inspirational Sally Hyder and her assistance dog, Harmony, and Riddell Graham, Director of Partnerships at VisitScotland. Our Photographer in Residence also captured snapshots from around the ship this week, from the tasty milk shakes in the Tea Room, to the beautiful Western Isles range in the Gift Shop.

Meanwhile the Maintenance team were busy working on various tasks, from building an aluminium tower to enable access to the ship's side to woodwork and panelling tasks.

July 2014

19-25 July: Prince George cupcakes and Bloodhound leaves for Oban
We have some fantastic photos from the whole attraction this week! We celebrated Prince George's first birthday with prince and princess themed cupcakes in the Tea Room. Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound was captured on camera as she left Edinburgh for Oban, as were the Chefs in the Royal Galleys as they made scones and prepared for an evening event. The Gift Shop's Christmas Puddings were also wrapped and ready to go out on the shelves. Meanwhile, our Housekeeping team were busy keeping Britannia ship shape - click on the galleries below to see all the photos.

It's been all hands on deck for the Maintenance team as they prepared Bloodhound and the Activity Boat to travel to Oban. Bloodhound is based at Oban Marina during the summer months where she is available for day sails. The Activity Boat will provide a water taxi service for guests of Bloodhound from Oban to the Marina, based on the beautiful Island of Kerrera.

12-18 July: Radio interviews, a peek in the Royal Galley and Tea Room refreshments! This week we were delighted to welcome aboard BBC Radio 5 Live for an interview with VisitScotland. Ruth also popped in the Royal Galley as the Chefs prepared for an evening event and photographed Megan from the Retail team who was busy wrapping Christmas puddings to go on sale in the Gift Shop. This week we also 'snapped' the delicious iced tea and coffee that the Tea Room recently added to their summer menu.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team were busy painting the overhead structure on the port waist. The Activity Boat was also inspected for its codification and final finishing touches applied.

5-11 July: National Teddy Bear Picnic Day and the Activity Boat returns
Thursday, 10 July marked National Teddy Bear Picnic Day - children and adults alike brought along their favourite teddies for a day out aboard the Royal Yacht. There was a teddy bear hunt with prizes and a colouring competition. A few lucky little ones even got a ride in the newly refurbished Activity Boat! Our Photographer in Residence also snapped the extremely smart yacht that was docked beside Britannia this week.

It was all go for the Maintenance team on Wednesday morning as former Royal Yachtsman Brian Todhunter brought Britannia's Activity Boat back to Edinburgh following its refurbishment. Brian has been working to restore the Activity Boat to full working condition and she looked fantastic as she was carefully lowered back in the water and taken for a spin.

28 June - 4 July: Summer holiday 'snaps'
With the recent warm weather and start of the Scottish school holidays, we're loving summer aboard Britannia. This week our Retail team gave us some gift ideas to help keep your own little princes and princesses busy during the holidays. They have some fantastic new t-shirts in store too. We were also delighted to see our new bus T-Sides out and about in Edinburgh!

This week's pictures from the Maintenance team show the construction of the new canopy for the Royal Barge, designed to protect it from the elements. Over the last few weeks, reinforcements have been put in the ground for the posts to support this.

June 2014

21-27 June: Taste award, BBC Scotland and new Britannia decorations
The Chefs were delighted to win a Taste Our Best award from VisitScotland, which recognises the quality and Scottish provenance of the food we serve in the Royal Deck Tea Room. We were also delighted to welcome aboard BBC Radio Scotland to record for their Commonwealth Voices station, to be broadcast during the Commonwealth Games. The Gift Shop also received a delivery of the fabulous new Britannia decorations.

The Maintenance team have also been working on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound, making storage cabinets for Retail and varnishing the Ensign Staff.

11-20 June: A week of celebrations!
This week the whole team was thrilled with the news that Britannia has been named the Best Attraction in the UK in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2014. This prestigious award reflects the quantity and consistency of 5 Star "Excellent" reviews posted on the website by visitors to the Royal Yacht during the last 12 months. We reply to every single review and work very hard to ensure a world class experience for our guests, so it was a very proud moment for the team.

This week we were also delighted to host a reception for the Commonwealth Games. Britannia has a wonderful history as a Commonwealth ambassador. It was a truly special moment to see Allan Wells arrive at the event holding the Queen's Baton as they travelled across the water to Britannia on one of her Fast Motor Launches, crewed by members of our Maintenance team.

Ruth also caught up with the rest of the Maintenance team to see what they were working on:

7-10 June: A peak into the Pastry Galley
It's been a busy week for our events and hospitality team, so Ruth stopped by the Galley to see our Pastry Chef, Andrew, at work. From the bread rolls to the desserts and petits fours, Andrew creates it all on board in the original Galley. 

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team were snapped as they put a new beam in place that will hold the canvas covering for the Royal Barge and worked on other jobs from painting to cleaning the decks.

1-6 June: New Visitor Assistants, Fudge, Captain Bear and a VIP visit
We were delighted to welcome General James F. Amos, Commandant of The US Marine Corps and Mrs. Bonnie Amos, First Lady of The US Marine Corps aboard for a private tour.

With the busier summer months fast approaching, we have welcomed several new Visitor Assistants to the Britannia team. Our Photographer in Residence captured them in action on the tour route this week. Meanwhile in the NAAFI, we have a delicious new 'Yotties rum fudge' to sample and a new Captain Bear in the Gift Shop!

The Maintenance team this week have been busy treating the Verandah Deck, painting and installing the Jack Staff and painting the interior of Racing Yacht Bloodhound.


May 2014

24-31 May: Father's Day gift inspiration and latest maintenance update
This week Ruth popped in to our Gift Shop who have some fantastic gift ideas for Father's Day (15 June). From 'His Lordship' Mugs to Gift Tickets, we put together a few ideas to help inspire you this year. Our Tea Room have also created a Vesper Cocktail special for Father's Day and were trialling it this week.

Meanwhile, our Marketing team were busy welcoming film crews on board - we captured a picture while out on one of Britannia's Fast Motor Launches as the crew took shots across the water. The Maintenance team kindly helped out with the film crew while working on many other tasks this week, from restoring handrails to painting the ensign staff crown and quarter deck.

17-23 May: Yotties Week 2014!
We've had a fantastic week aboard Britannia as we welcomed back over 80 former Royal Yachtsmen for their annual working party. Working alongside the yacht's current Maintenance team, visitors and staff alike have loved meeting the people who served aboard Britannia when she was in Royal service and hearing their stories.

Learn more about the Association of Royal Yachtsmen

10-16 May: Ruth visits the Royal Galley and Bloodhound is lifted back in the water
This week Ruth popped in to see Executive Chef Mark Alston and his team prepare the menu for an event that evening. Everything is still made on board in the original Royal Galleys for our events, using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. We were also glad to see Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound go back in the water this week, with the help of a crane! She is now back on display to Britannia's visitors until she sets sail for Oban in July where she is available for private day sails.

1-9 May: Sweet treats in the Tea Room and Gift Shop
Tasty toffee cake with Bailey's buttercream and refreshing iced cappuccinos were added to the Tea Room menu this week, in addition to some delicious new salads our chefs created for summer. In the Gift Shop, our newly designed shortbread tins arrived after being packed by the Shortbread House of Edinburgh, who also took some photographs for us of the shortbread being made in their own bakery. Click on the galleries below to see the photographs...

The Maintenance team continued to work on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound, while completing other tasks from the refurbishment of fire hydrants, to making bench seating for the Tea Room and painting Britannia's davits.

26 April - 2 May: Britannia's boats.
Britannia travelled with many other boats during her time in Royal service, from the Royal Barge to take the Royal Family ashore, to lifeboats and fast motor launches. Our Photographer in Residence captured some of these this week in the glorious sunshine, in addition to some of our visitors, new items in the Gift Shop and our Janitor, Raymond, as he tended to the plants in our greenhouse.

The Maintenance team have continued their work to Bloodhound in addition to painting Britannia's davits and maintaining the taffrails.

April 2014

19-25 April: Officers' Wardroom inspiration and a visit to the Tea Room.
This week our Food and Beverage Services Manager, Bruce MacBride, received his delivery of these fantastic new napkins for our Officers' Wardroom dinners, specially created for Britannia's exclusive evening events. Inspired by the pigeon-hole box on the Wardroom wall where the Officers' napkins were stored, each holds the name of a ranking officer.

Our Photographer-in-Residence also visited the Tea Room Galley to capture the Chefs making scones and the delicious roasted red pepper and vine tomato soup. She also got some lovely photographs of the new flowers in the Tea Room and of the Maintenance team completing lots of different tasks this week. Take a look at the galleries below to see their photos:

11-18 April: Sunshine and cocktails.  Spring is definitely in the air as our Photographer in Residence took to the decks this week to photograph our visitors enjoying the sunshine. We also captured delicious treats on the Tea Room menu this Easter, from the colourful Americano cocktail to the fun coffee stencils. Next Monday, 21 April, we will also be marking HM The Queen's birthday with a Dubonnet cocktail containing edible diamonds! Click on the galleries below to see the cocktail and the rest of this week's 'Snaps':

Meanwhile, our Maintenance team has also been taking advantage of the good weather to clean the Royal Barge. Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound is also in the final stages of her recent restoration work.

5-10 April: Easter holiday fun at Britannia. We're thoroughly enjoying the Easter break so far! It's been wonderful to welcome our visitors aboard as part of their holidays. We've got a tasty chocolate milkshake treat on the menu in the Royal Deck Tea Room and the Gift Shop has some beautiful new lines just in, including a 'Beside the Seaside' range. The Maintenance team have also been continuing their work on Bloodhound's hull this week.

March 2014

29 March - 4 April: The Housekeeping team spring clean! The clocks have changed and spring is in the air. Our Photographer in Residence has been following our Housekeeping team as they spring clean the Silver Pantry, the China and Glass Pantry and shine up the cutlery and lamps in the Officers' Wardroom. Our Housekeeping team work around the clock, every day of the year to keep Britannia in spotless condition for our many visitors to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team have been busy working on Racing Yacht Bloodhound. Gold leaf and anti fouling have now been applied and Jimmy has been busy making new units in the workshop for the AV room.

22-28 March: Spring is just around the corner!
It's been wonderful to see the sun this week and our Photographer in Residence captured many of our visitors enjoying the weather out on deck. Each year the Maintenance team ensure Britannia's dress flags are raised in time for Mother's Day, so we went behind-the-scenes to capture how they do this! We've also got photographs of the fabulous new lollipops in the Gift Shop, Champagne in the Tea Room and ships coming into dock alongside the Royal Yacht. Take a look at the galleries below for more.

15-21 March: The Royal Deck Tea Room celebrates 5 years and we look at Mother's Day gift inspiration. A very Happy Birthday to the Royal Deck Tea Room who have been celebrating 5 years of being open this week. We marked the occasion the best way we know how - with cake!

This week, we also visited Britannia's beautiful Gift Shop, which has some fantastic gift ideas for Mother's Day. See some of our favourites in the 'Snaps' below. Our Photographer in Residence also captured the adorable Peeking Bear and visitors enjoying the view from the Verandah Deck.

The Maintenance team have been busy repairing Bloodhound's viewing pontoon, handrails and making a display case for the Royal Yachtsmen's Book of Remembrance. Bloodhound's restoration is also ongoing and you can see a fantastic video Joss from the team put together last week as he painted her hull. Click here to see the video. 

8-14 March: Flags, Mothers' Day preparations and flowers!
We are thrilled to add four extra languages to our list of audio tour translations this month, making the Britannia tour the most translated in the world, with 27 different languages on offer. To celebrate, we held a press call with members of the Britannia team pictured! You can read more about it here.

We have also been preparing for Mother's Day, creating a fantastic pink gin cocktail to treat mum with on 30 March. Don't forget, Gift Tickets and Vouchers are also available to purchase for presents - just give us a call (0131 555 8800) if you'd like to order these.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team have been working on Bloodhound's restoration, painting areas of the upper deck and creating a new reception desk.

1-7 March: Pancake Day, flags and visitors to Britannia.
This week our Chefs were cooking up a treat, flipping pancakes on a stove in the Tea Room. Ruth also captured Britannia's visitors on the Verandah Deck, the grand piano being tuned and our Janitor, Raymond, tending to the quayside flowers and Rolls-Royce Garage.

We also have our Ladyship Mug and Coffee featured as Product of the Month. With Mother's Day not far away, we thought they would make the perfect gift for the Ladyship of your house. You can buy them online here.

The Maintenance team have, amongst many other jobs, continued their work on Bloodhound this week and also raised Britannia's three main flags in time for Spring.

February 2014

22-28 February: A special visitor, new embroidery range and sweet treats in the NAAFI.
This week, our Photographer in Residence captured a beautiful guide dog puppy who visited with his trainer - we think he liked our Royal Yachtsman statue! The Gift Shop's stunning new Embroidery Collection also arrived this week, inspired by the design in HM The Queen's bedroom. We also captured some shots of the delicious sweet treats the NAAFI has on offer on your tour.

The Maintenance team have been busy as usual, working on a variety of tasks from Bloodhound's decking, painting, designing a desk for the new onboard reception office and fixing pipe work.

15-21 February: Half term at Britannia and latest Maintenance update.
It's been a fantastic week welcoming lots of visitors on board during half term. Ruth was on hand to take photographs for some of our younger visitors and also captured some fantastic shots of the new products that have only just arrived in our Gift Shop, including sailor baby clothes and gorgeous new teddy bears to buy. The Tea Room also has some popular new additions to the menu, including a Tennent's Whisky Beer and Moët Kir Royale cocktail. (Should you wish to purchase any of the shop items please just give us a call on +44 (0)131 555 8811).

The Maintenance team are hard at work on Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound as she undergoes essential restoration work. Although not currently on display, you can watch a video of her sailing here. Other members of the team were also busy painting areas of the ship, working on panelling and new steps for the lift tower that gives visitors the best access possible to Britannia's five decks.

8-14 February: Britannia generations, family fun and Valentine's fudge.
This week, we were delighted to welcome a work experience student who has special ties with Britannia - her father served on board as a Royal Yachtsman in the early 1990s! We also captured our onboard Confectioner, Poppy, in the middle of making her Valentine's Day fudge special - Strawberry Ripple. Some younger visitors also enjoyed having their photograph taken on deck and by our Royal Yachtsman statue!

The Maintenance team have also been busy this week taking the Fast Motor Launch out for its weekly engine run. Scaffolding was being built around Bloodhound for maintenance work. Work also continued on the new reception office and Chart Room chairs.

1-7 February: Bloodhound maintenance, audio tour languages and Valentine's in the Tea Room. We are delighted that our audio tour is now available in 23 different languages, with more to come this year. The Royal Deck Tea Room has also been creative this week, mixing a delicious new cocktail 'P.S. I love you' for Valentine's. Plus, Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound was lifted out of the water just yesterday to undergo maintenance work. Click on the galleries below to see the photos. 

January 2014

26-31 January: Our new Souvenir Guidebook is launched and the Galley team prepare dinner for 96! We were thrilled to launch our latest edition of the Official Souvenir Guidebook this week. Full of new and exclusive photographs, the guidebook gives a fascinating insight into Britannia's historic journey, from being launched in 1953, to her life after decommissioning. You can purchase it online here.

This week, Ruth also popped into the Galley as the Chefs were preparing a wonderful menu for 96 guests that evening. We also got some fabulous new coffee stencils in the Tea Room and captured some 'Snaps' of our visitors this week.

The Maintenance team have been working on various tasks this week, from painting life belt crests, to sanding decks, fitting bilge pumps and preparing Bloodhound for maintenance work.

18-25 January: Burns' Day and a focus on The Queen and Duke's Studies. We're looking forward to celebrating Burns' Day in the Royal Deck Tea Room this Saturday. Our Chefs have created a delicious haggis, neeps and tatties special - perfect with a wee dram of whisky! This week's 'Snaps' also follow our theme of interior design detail on the Royal Yacht. Both HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's studies provide the focus this week in the photographs below.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team have been working on various tasks throughout the ship, from securing new signage for our visitors, to restoring life belts and keeping the rain out of the lift tower!

11-17 January: Drawing Room details. This week, we look at the stunning detail of many items on board Britannia that are kindly on loan from the Royal Collection. 95% of all items you see at the Royal Yacht are original to the ship.

This week, we focus on the State Drawing Room and Anteroom, which served as spaces both to relax and as reception rooms. Architect Sir Hugh Casson worked in collaboration with The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to provide the light, airy, restrained interiors you see today. Both have the feel of a country house, rather than anything too formal or ostentatious. You can read more about Britannia style here.

This week, we also caught up with the Maintenance team as they worked on the panelling and ventilation system in the new onboard reception office. It would appear that the Marketing team took some time making decisions about this space too from the photos! Head of Maintenance, Derek, was also captured as he discussed new methods for protecting the Royal Barge from the elements.

4-10 January: A busy port, Galley and Maintenance team update. There are often many other ships in alongside Britannia and this Tuesday was no different, with three coming into port in one day! Christmas may only just be over, but our Galley team have already been preparing for next year by making over 1,800 of our famous Christmas Puddings.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance team were tackling rusting areas of the ship, working on piping and spray painting the Baggage Store.

1-3 January: A busy year for the Tea Room. The Royal Deck Tea Room has become a destination in itself since first opening its doors in 2009 for visitors to the Royal Yacht. 2013 was its busiest year to date and it is incredible when we look back at what the team have served during that time - over 46,000 cups of tea, 1,500 glasses of Champagne, almost 40,000 scones and over 25,000 steaming bowls of hot soup to our guests. Made freshly on board in the Galley, this week's 'Snaps' look go behind-the-scenes with our Tea Room chefs.

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