Edinburgh's 101 Objects


Step aboard Britannia to see number 54 of Edinburgh's 101 objects!

Step aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia to see number 54 of Edinburgh's 101 objects! Item number 54 of Edinburgh's 101 objects is the ornate and intricately carved compass binnacle located on the Verandah Deck on board Britannia.

"The decision had been taken to scrap V&A (Victoria & Albert) so I travelled to Portsmouth to salvage various items including the two binnacles."

HRH Prince Philip

Originally carved from a single piece of teak, the binnacle was initially placed on Queen Victoria's Royal George before being transfered to the Victoria & Albert and then Britannia. The binacle was a popular focal point for photographs of the Royal Family and remains popular with Britannia's visitors today.

Visit 101 of Edinburgh's most treasured objects and step into Edinburgh's history, brought together to celebrate Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.



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