Weekly 'Snaps': Maintaining Britannia

Britannia's dedicated Maintenance team work 363 days of the year on a rolling programme of preservation and restoration. Their overarching philosophy is one of perfection, ensuring everything is done correctly, as would have been expected when Britannia was in service to The Queen and Royal Family.

Britannia is now owned and cared for by a charitable trust. All surplus funds from ticket salesevents, the Tea Room and Gift Shop go back into this preservation work, to ensure she is here for future generations to enjoy.

Below you'll find a photo diary from our Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, which shows the various tasks the team undertake each week.


Photography has always played an important role on Britannia. While she was in service, there was always a Yottie appointed, nicknamed 'Snaps', to take photographs of life on board the Royal Yacht.

In keeping with this tradition, we now have our own Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, who has been capturing our very own Weekly 'Snaps' - a collection of snapshots of life around the ship today.

January 2018

13 - 19 January: Mark S. replaced the door handle on a toilet door in the Visitor Centre, whilst Stuart lifted and re-laid the popped tiles in the Laundry. Jay prepared a handrail from the Starboard Shelter Deck for varnishing and added the brass end cap back in place. Nigel washed down the Quarter Deck and scupper boards on the Verandah Deck, as Mark L. removed redundant ventilation trunking from No.1 Fan Space. Tony washed down the Fo’c’sle whilst Mark S. worked on a new display unit for the Gift Shop.

6 - 12 January: Jay retrieved the two fenders from Royal Nore as Tony and Mark L. re-aligned the plate at the bottom of the Laundry gangway. Ian worked on a new plinth and Stuart removed the No. 1 pump from the after Sewage Treatment Space. Dean S. grouted new tiles in the Royal Galley, whilst Gary repaired a door lock. Mark S. and Gary moved a completed display unit for the Gift Shop, as Jay and Martin took down some Christmas decorations. Gary made a new display door for the Bridge Chart Room. 

1 - 5 January: The New Year got off to a busy start for the Maintenance team too, as Ian checked dimensions on HRH Prince Philip’s former Royal Racing Yacht Bloodhound. Martin fitted handrails on the Royal Bridge as Paul A. painted fine details on to the cypher. Mark S., Gary and Ian built a display unit for the Gift Shop whilst Jay and Martin worked on the Quayside fence. 

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