Royal honeymoons

The Prince and Princess of Wales on honeymoon aboard Britannia © PA

Prince and Princess of Wales on their honeymoon © PA

Britannia was an ideal Royal honeymoon venue. The Royal Yacht was very private and could sail to secluded locations. Four Royal honeymoons were enjoyed on board:

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

In 1960, the newly-wed Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones used the Royal Yacht for their Caribbean honeymoon. Britannia's Admiral issued instructions that the couple were to have complete privacy. Princess Margaret kept mainly to the Royal Apartments and all meals were very formal, with dinner eaten in full evening dress.

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips

The Queen offered Britannia to her daughter, Princess Anne, for her honeymoon with Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. Their cruise around Barbados and the Caribbean was distrupted by violent storms with 20-foot high waves. For most of the first week the Royal couple suffered from severe seasickness. Thankfully the weather improved, but Britannia was pursued relentlessly by press wherever they went.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

In 1981, the Prince and Princess of Wales departed for their 16-day honeymoon around the Mediterranean. It was much more informal than previous Royal honeymoons with plans made daily, rather than a set route. They enjoyed beach barbecues and picnics on Greek Islands. This time Britannia managed to maintain the Royal couple's privacy and was dubbed 'the Ghost ship' by press.

Duke and Duchess of York

The final Royal honeymoon aboard Britannia was in 1986, when Prince Andrew took his new bride to the Azores. Again, photographers were kept at a distance so the couple could relax. They visited isolated islands, some of which were only accessible by rubber dinghy.

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