Happy 80th Birthday, Norrie!

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Happy 80TH Birthday, Norrie!

The whole team aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia would like to wish the ship's longest serving Royal Yachtsman, Ellis 'Norrie' Norrell MVO RVM, a very happy 80th birthday.

Serving on the Royal Yacht for 34 years, from January 1954 to September 1988, Norrie was a crew member on Britannia's first official tour. Having been part of the ship's company for so long, Norrie was a familiar face to members of the Royal Family, as you can see from the photographs below.

Norrie returns to the ship, also the headquarters of the Association of Royal Yachtsmen annually. He played a key role in Britannia's 60th Anniversary celebrations this year, raising a new flag, specially commissioned in honour of all those who served on board.

You may also spot a certain familiarity with the Yottie bronze statue that stands on the quayside. This was modelled on Norrie who was here for the grand unveiling during Yotties' Week, 2011. So when you visit, don't forget to get your picture taken beside him!

We've put together a gallery of Norrie's time on board, past and present, below. Happy birthday Norrie.

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