2012 Weekly 'Snaps'

December 2012

22-28 December: Britannia's Christmas Weekend. Visitors were in the festive spirit at our annual Christmas weekend (8 & 9 December). Mulled wine and shortbread were served in the Chief Petty Officers' mess and Santa even made an appearance.

15-21 December: Behind-the-scenes of an evening event aboard Britannia. This week we have some exclusive photographs of the incredible attention to detail that goes into preparing for an event on board.

8-14 December: Christmas at the NAAFI. Like all Royal Navy ships, Britannia had its own NAAFI where the Yotties could buy sweets, magazines, papers and essentials like toothpaste. Today, the NAAFI is still operational and sells its own delicious fudge, made on board in the Royal Galley, in addition to other sweet treats. This week some new flavours were being tried out, including a sparkly Christmas vanilla fudge.

1-7 December: Britannia's Christmas decorations go up. We are counting down the hours now to the Christmas Weekend aboard Britannia. In preparation, members from the retail, visitor experience and maintenance teams spent a full two days decorating the ship with some stunning decorations. Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, was here to sneak a few behind-the-scenes photos from the elegant State Apartments.

November 2012

23-30 November: Getting into the festive spirit with our Christmas Shopping Day, and the arrival of our 20 foot Christmas tree! There was a wonderful atmosphere in Britannia's Gift Shop on 29 November with special discounts, mulled wine and tastings for our visitors to enjoy. In addition to all this, the 20 foot quayside Christmas tree arrived. It took 4 hours to add more than 30 boxes of lights to the tree, and a crane to finally lift it into place. Take a look at the gallery below to see the fabulous end result.

17-22 November: Wardroom restoration - off site to top Scottish seating supplier, Transcal. Transcal is a leading leather seating supplier with an extraordinary team of hand craftsmen and talented engineers. We popped along to their headquarters to find out more about the process our own Britannia leather will go through before it is fitted to the seating in the Officers' Wardroom.

9-16 November: Working from a height and the first phase of The Wardroom restoration. We have some more fantastic photographs from Britannia this week. Darren from the maintenance team was, rather skillfully, working on the paintwork around the Admiral's screen - removing old rust, sanding and adding filler where required. The maintenance team also have a big new project restoring the Officers' Wardroom. Our Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, stopped by to take some photographs of the first phase of this work.

1-8 November: Powderhall Bronze. Photographer in Residence, Ruth, captures the next fascinating phase in the making of the bronze statue.

October 2012

22-31 October: Halloween fun at Britannia. There were some spooky goings on at Britannia this week as Halloween visited the Royal Deck Tea Room and NAAFI...

15-21 October: Behind-the-scenes at Powderhall Bronze. Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, returned to Powderhall Bronze this week to capture further work on the newly commissioned bronze statue.

8-14 October: Maintenance work. We caught up with the latest work the maintenance team have been undertaking this week, from undercoating a section of Britannia's hull, through to work on the funnel.

1-7 October: Fresh catch. Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, spotted these freshly-caught crabs being prepared for an event in the Royal Galley this week.

September 2012 

24-30 September: Powderhall Bronze. Our Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, travelled round the corner to Powderhall Bronze to photograph behind-the-scenes work on a bronze statue newly commissioned by Britannia.

15-23 September: A selection of photographs taken around Britannia this week.

1-14 September: Classic cars visit Britannia. A number of classic car group visits have been hosted over the last couple of months. We made sure our photographer was here to capture these rather fabulous cars.

August 2012

25-31 August: Photographer in Residence, Ruth Armstrong, captured two of our lovely guides, Martha and Sheila, chatting to some visitors from the USA.

16-24 August: Flowers in bloom at Britannia. Britannia's wonderful Janitor, Raymond, did an incredible job of looking after the flowers on the quayside this summer.

1-15 August: Taste of the Tattoo for Britannia's visitors. Australian Defence Force Band makes a surprise appearance for Britannia's visitors as part of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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