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A red carpet welcome awaits for the event of a lifetime aboard the former Royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Unobtrusive excellence

Follow in the footsteps of Royalty as you board Britannia via the Royal Brow, an entrance previously reserved for the Royal Family.

With passion and precision

There is no detail too small for our meticulous in-house team as they carefully prepare for each event.

Treat your guests like Royalty

Everything is replicated to the same high standards as when Britannia was in Royal service.

Exquisite Cuisine

Experience exceptional fine dining prepared in the original Royal Galleys.

Event of a lifetime

Host your special event on board one of the most luxurious five-star venues in the world.

A Place to do Business

Queen Elizabeth II hosted many business events on board during Britannia's 44 years at sea.

Our Hotel Fingal

Experience our new luxury floating hotel.

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