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Travelling to Gibraltar

Britannia travels to meet The Queen in Gibraltar on her Commonwealth Tour, 1954.

Britannia in Oban Bay

The Royal Yacht Britannia sails into Oban Bay as part of the annual Western Isles tour.


The Royal Yacht berthed in the Cayman Islands.

San Francisco

Britannia arriving in San Francisco.


Alongside the Sydney Opera House.


Arriving in Toronto


Sailing under Tower Bridge.

The Royal Barge

Royal Yachtsmen sail on the Royal Barge.

New Zealand

Britannia in New Zealand.

The Royal Yacht

Britannia is surrounded by a flotilla of yachts.

Britannia and the QE2

The Royal Yacht sails alongside the QE2.

Britannia and the Royal Barge

The Royal Barge alongside Britannia on the Thames.

Britannia and Naval Vessels

Britannia sails past ships from the Royal Navy.


A flotilla accompanies Britannia at Cowes.


The silhouette of Britannia against a sunset.

Tower Bridge, London

Britannia berthed in the Thames.

Britannia at Cowes

A yacht sails past Britannia.

In Sydney, Australia

Britannia berthed in Sydney Harbour.

On the Thames, London

Sailing through the Thames Barrier.

South Africa

Visiting Cape Town.

The Royal Barge and Escort Boat

Britannia is accompanied by the Royal Barge and an Escort Boat.

Arriving in Portsmouth

Crowds waving to Britannia as she comes into Portsmouth.


Fijian dancers perform on the Verandah Deck.


Fireworks over The Tower Bridge, London.

The Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce sits outside Britannia.

At sea

A boat of passers-by view Britannia.

Salute for Britannia

A tug sprays their water cannon salute to Britannia.

Dry dock

Britannia's hull is painted in dry dock.

A tight squeeze!

Berthing into port.

Welcome to Boston

A welcome cake on display in the State Dining Room.

Silver Jubilee

The Royal Yacht Britannia seen during the Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet at Spithead. (PA Images)


The Royal Yacht Britannia at Doha, Qatar, during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II. (PA Images)

Sydney Heads

Escorted by an armada of small craft, the Royal Yacht Britannia, bearing Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, arrives off Sydney Heads. Three escorting destroyers of the Royal Australian navy follow in her wake. (PA Images)


The Royal Yacht Britannia arrives in Newcastle. (PA Images)

Tower Bridge

The floodlit HMY Britannia sets sail from Tower Bridge in London, flying her 400 foot long pennant representing her years in commission. (PA Images)