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Royal Children

The Royal children loved spending time aboard Britannia. As Princess Anne fondly remembers, 'We found as children that there was so much to do, we expended so much energy that we couldn't describe our time on the Yacht as a rest'.

Royal Children

Each Royal child was allocated a member of crew as their 'Sea Daddy' to look after them and keep them entertained. They would sometime help with tasks around the Yacht and there were endless games: treasure hunts, picnics and water fights. On warmer days they could splash about in an inflatable paddling pool on the Verandah Deck. Sometimes they were also allowed to visit the onboard NAAFI shop to buy sweets.

Jolly Boat

David Linley, Prince Edward and Sarah Linley having fun in the bow of a Jolly Boat. During the Western Isles tours the Royal children delighted in picnics ashore on many of the beautiful, remote islands.

The Christmas Pudding

Her Majesty The Queen stirring the Christmas pudding in the Royal Galley. When the Royal Yacht was in active service the inspection and stirring of Britannia’s Christmas pudding was a time-honoured and informal tradition.

'Red Nose' certificates

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh creating his 'Red Nose' certificates. Each member of the crew was presented with a certificate as they entered the Antarctic Circle.

The Royal Yachtsmen

H.M. The Queen meeting the ‘Yotties’.

Princess Anne

The Princess Royal aboard Britannia.

Her Majesty in the Royal Galley

The Queen meeting some of the Yotties in the Royal Galley.


The Queen waves to Concorde as it flies by Britannia.

The Princes

Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana continues Britannia tradition by stirring the Christmas pudding.

Ghana 1961

Her Majesty The Queen speaking on completion of a tour to Ghana, 1961.

Heading Ashore

This was affectionately known as the 'sea truck'. It was kept on board Britannia and was used to transport the Land Rover ashore.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana speaking with Royal Yachtsmen in the Unwinding Room.

Stirring the Christmas Pudding

The Queen Mother stirring Britannia's Christmas pudding mixture.


Arriving in Australia, 1977.


The Duke of Edinburgh aboard Coweslip with Uffa Fox who designed and built the yacht.

Western Isles Tour 1997

The Royal Family during their final Western Isles Tour 1997.

1,000,000 miles

Celebrating Britannia sailing a million miles around the world.

Princes Aboard The Royal Yacht

Prince William, 9, and his younger brother Prince Harry, 7, wave as they board the Royal Yacht Britannia moored on Lake Ontario alongside they Toronto waterfront. (PA Images)

Flag Officer Royal Yachts

Either side of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh are former Flag Officer, Royal Yachts (FORY).